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Whether you’re in geotechnical, environmental, exploration or the construction industry N&N Drilling Supply has a variety of auger tools, equipment and accessories used for soil sampling, ground water monitoring, construction and mining applications.

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Image of augers in a group
  • Hollow Stem: 2-Key & 3-Key

  • Octagonal

  • Cutter Heads – All Sizes: Spade, Blade, Bullet, 5-T, Concrete Cutters

  • Solid Flight Augers

  • Blades, Blocks, Pockets, Spades, Bullets

  • Finger Bits

  • Drive Caps

  • Cap Adapters

  • Auger Pilot Bits

  • Auger Hooks

  • Bolts and Repair Inserts

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Our cutting-edge equipment and precision-engineered solutions are tailor-made to meet your specific requirements. Experience the efficiency, durability, and unmatched performance of our products. Take the first step towards success and unlock the full potential of your projects by requesting a quote from N&N Drilling Products now!

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